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Business Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Best practices and procedures matter! We believe that all businesses should operate at maximum efficiency in all areas, every day. Effectively operated and monitored businesses maximize profits and are well positioned for any future pivot or exit, planned or unplanned.
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Owning and managing a business today requires owners to be nimble and agile. Let our years of experience in private industry accounting management, financial management, and operational management help you. Advancements in technology have drastically impacted the traditional sales, finance, and operations functions. Stop leaking away your hard earned cash and let us evaluate your business operations in part or in whole. We can come alongside you and your business as the expert that can help increase profits and decrease risks in the 21st century.

What Makes Our Approach Unique?

Dedicated andExperienced Resources

Our Business Advisory team consists of private industry professionals with significant experience in managing daily sales, finance, and business operations. We’ve run businesses in the real world; not just provided consulting services.

All ThingsFinancial Ecosystem

We offer many complementary services supporting businesses outside of daily operations. Our Investment Advisory and Regulatory Compliance services are on stand-by to provide top-notch strategic planning around taxation, 401k administration and retirement planning.  All of this comes with the extra benefit of being a CPA firm.

Coaching andCamaraderie

We will partner with you and your team and work in unison with you to meet your goals. Your strategies become our strategies. We will build trust and friendship as we journey together. We are a genuine sounding board for anything that hinders growing your business.

Business Advisory Services Include:

Growth & Capital Planning

We help you strategically plan for controlled business growth or harness the power of unsustainable rapid growth, as well as facilitate growth with liquidity and capital resource planning for both the short- and long-term future. We can assist with current and new banking relationships to establish reasonable credit covenants and benchmarks to maintain appropriate borrowing capacity.

Succession, Pivot & Exit Planning

We constantly challenge business owners to plan and be prepared for long-term outcomes, including legacy transition planning and/or partnership buyout planning. We help oversee due diligence processes for merger and acquisition activity, and coach accounting personnel through the steps of preparing and executing large transactions in the most efficient and profitable manner.

Data Analytics & Big Data

In the business arena, the foundational change that is occurring right now is a shift from old-school intuitive and reactionary (the gut feeling) management style to Data Driven Decision (DDD) making. DDD comes in many shapes and sizes depending on the industry and business models of organizations. Develop DDD plans that uncover unidentified efficiencies and inefficiencies impacting EBITDA as well as the quality of relationships with employees, vendors, customers, and competitors.

Financial Reporting, Budgeting & Forecasting

Develop meaningful and simple internal management reporting and forecasting systems that can empower company decision makers to act quickly and become more agile in the competitive marketplace. We can assist with integrating budget reporting across divisions and responsibility areas, and review all reporting currently delivered to external third parties for current best practices and presentations.

Turn-Around & Bankruptcy

For businesses that need help, we can develop reorganization strategies and adjust goals to match the realities of the company’s performance, as well as negotiate with customers, vendors, and creditors for more favorable contract terms. If necessary, we can utilize the protections of bankruptcy laws to adjust, pivot, and re-enter the marketplace as a healthier company. 

Baseline Assessment& Coaching

We work with you to evaluate and assess overall internal controls, process flows, computer systems, and basic reporting for the financial operations of the business while looking for the good, better, and best within the administrative functions. We’ll help establish a routine schedule of meetings with management and/or staff to monitor and review key performance indicators and project statuses, and assist in change management of hiring new personnel or the establishment of new policies or systems. Our goal is to provide independent feedback to management in areas needing improvement, if any, and move the company towards the best practices of administrative back office functions. 
“I enjoy using my career experiences to help small business owners succeed.  One thing I do insist upon is that we all have fun planning and growing your business. I know that some things can be painful, but having that trusted confidant to lean on is what makes using Gragg Financial a ‘Beyond the Traditional’ experience.  We want to be part of your team!”         
D. Shane Smith, MBA
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