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We take our fiduciary duty seriously, and always put your interests first when giving you advice and managing all your investments.
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Investment Advisory


Investing in the stock market is a crucial part of any investment plan. Between 1950 and 2020, the average return of the stock market was 11.4% per year, which includes recessions, crashes, political dilemmas, etc. Just as the long term wealth-building returns of the stock market are undeniable, so is the time and hard work it takes to manage a healthy investment portfolio. Some clients don’t mind this work, while others like to pass this responsibility to us. We’ve found that no matter your place in life, or the amount of assistance you want with your portfolio, we can customize a solution for you.

What Makes Our Approach Unique?

Independent Registered Investment Advisor

RIAs are held to a higher standard than stock brokers or registered representatives when it comes to doing the right thing with their client’s investments.

Fee-Only Compensation

We charge clients a fee negotiated in advance and cannot earn any other profits from clients without the client‘s prior consent.

Licensed Personal Financial Specialists

In addition to our fiduciary responsibilities, we have multiple Personal Financial Specialists on our team. Creating a tax-efficient portfolio for you is not only our job, it's in our DNA.

Investment Advisory Services Include:

Portfolio Management

We use both a growth and value approach to investments, and allocate funds among various asset classes. Additionally, taxable accounts are managed to enhance after-tax performance. In the interest of diversification, we predominantly use a mix of direct instruments (stocks and bonds) and no-load, low-cost passive index funds and ETFs.

Tax Focused Approach

As CPAs, your investments are structured and optimized for tax efficiency. We coordinate with the timing of tax laws and investment strategies to produce the best outcomes.

Strategies Basedon Your Plans

We can help you consider investment probabilities and develop an investment plan tailored to your short and long-term goals. We understand the ultimate goal of ensuring your golden years are enjoyable and secure. We will guide you through the transition from work to retirement, safeguarding you against the common risks faced by many current and future retirees.

Fiduciary Duty

Our only compensation is derived from a fee based on the value of the assets under management, which eliminates conflicts of interest regarding commissions. Additionally, we promote a disciplined investment style that avoids the instability of a market-timing strategy. As a CPA and Registered Investment Advisory firm, we have a fiduciary duty to our clients and therefore adhere to a code of professional conduct and ethics.
Jay Gragg
"Many of my father’s clients have shared with me that they are so thankful for my Dad encouraging them to contribute to their IRAs all those years ago. They insist that if it were not for that, they would not be as financially secure as they are today. This has always given me comfort in that I’m trying to do the same thing that he did long ago, and I hope my clients remember me as fondly as Dad’s clients remember him.”
Jay Gragg
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