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We turn a jumble of financial elements into a concise and interlocking system. Our comprehensive process means organization, structure, and efficiency that you can trust.
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Financial Planning

We Help You MakeBetter Financial Decisions

When people think of financial planning, they usually think of investments and insurance. In fact, many financial salespeople refer to themselves as financial planners. While investments and insurance are part of a financial plan, they are not all you need. At Gragg Financial, we offer personal financial planning that takes all aspects of your financial life into consideration. By carefully listening to your goals and values, we can craft a plan that gives specific unbiased advice on how to manage your cash reserves, debt, insurance, investments, income and estate tax. We are a holistic financial planning and investment advisory services firm, on your side to meet all of your financial needs.

With A Gragg Financial Plan, You Can Expect:

Risk profile
A thorough review of your risk profile and a plan to handle those risks.
Estate plan
A competent estate plan that minimizes costs and ensures your legacy is unimpaired.
Investment Strategy
A well-crafted investment strategy that meets the needs of your unique financial life.
Management of financial affairs
Wise counsel in the management of your financial affairs such as: saving for college, choosing the right mortgage or finding the best insurance policies

Financial Planning Services Include:

Retirement Planning

You could spend as many years in retirement as you did working, so it is imperative that you know how much you should be saving, regardless of your station in life. We can assist in determining the amounts and allocations to get you to and through retirement.

Estate Planning

A proper estate plan should focus on your goals. While there are many technical tax considerations, we also listen carefully to your desires and work to structure an estate plan that achieves the things you want.

Education Planning

Life moves pretty fast, and that little one will be college bound before you realize it. College is expensive, but with early planning you can create a tailored savings plan. Parents and grandparents can learn a lot from our tools to help research costs and start saving early. Our guidance helps families reach their educational goals.

Goals Attainment

That beach home or mountain retreat - that new boat or sports car - just don’t happen; correctly achieving your goals takes planning and thoughtful guidance. We are here to help you with insight into your quality of life decisions.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is critical to any financial plan and with our team of CPAs, we work to make sure you keep more of what you earn. 
G. Bryon Gragg
"I remember a client walking up the stairs with me to my office. She was overwhelmed by her finances and family issues as we walked up those stairs. But when we later stepped out of my office, she was smiling because her fears were gone; we had a strategy to complete a will. We had verified that she had been saving enough and everything would be ok with her son if anything happened to her. She had a complete sense of assurance and was at peace. I want to bring that kind of feeling to other people as well. This isn’t about the money; it’s about family. It’s about being prepared for whatever life throws at us."
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